Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Process Stuff

Clean and rough animation.

Usually, when I clean-up my animation, I take the red pencil drawings, go over them with a 4b pencil, scan 'em in, and run the Red Line Prep action our Digital Production teacher gave us (which basically removes the red line, super darkens the pencil line, alpha channels the thing, and color fills). From there, it's a few selection+fills away from the final image.

On this one, though (and a few others), I figured it was clean enough to skip the 'going over with pencil' stage. I turned the image black-and-white, super contrasted it a few times, and ran the action. I had to erase some noise caused by erasures on the original drawing, but other than that--really time-saving!

(Note: This shot is supposed to have two characters in it, but this frame doesn't have her inserted. The extra lines on his hand were from when I was initially figuring out where her hand would rest. That noise won't be visible in the final, so I didn't bother with it.)


  1. Hey Samy Jo! This looks cool! It's fun to see the process you're working through at CalArts.

  2. Hey, I love your illustration style. Nice work.