Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Animated the Orange One

For Stop-Motion Basics this week, we had to work with a partner. Above is the result. My animation is the one done in orange clay.

I'm a little bit frustrated, as I was pleased with the way I was working, but my partner didn't really want to keep working past 93 frames. I realize now that I should have just let him leave and continued working alone, but after hearing a while of complaining from him after I told him we should keep going (he actually wanted to bail at around 70 frames!), I gave in and crushed my work for the end. Part of my reasoning was that I didn't want to continue without him and then have the project screened in class; such would have made him look rather foolish, since his part would have dissapeared half way through. Now, looking at the lame ending and how awful everything looks with his half-measured animation, I should have just said, "Forget you!" and gone on my own.


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