Saturday, November 6, 2010


This was my second shot at animating. I animated this morning, and borrowed some time from someone else to do so (thanks, Trevor!). I think it's just one of those weeks, haha, because I restarted this part-way through and it's still not good. Arughhhh! I was going to make a full walk cycle, but ran out of time.

(Just as a note...he's not supposed to be sexily dancing XD a friend of mine pointed out that possibility, haha. It's more supposed to be him trying to get up and failing oddly.)
This is my first horrible, horrible, horrible animation test with my armature XD I'm really shocked with myself because this is terrible! I signed up for more time tomorrow so I could attempt to put something together that's at least half-way presentable for class on Tuesday, because there's no way I want to show this to Mike.


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