Sunday, May 8, 2011


The password is 'sam'.

A tiny animation bit I did for the opening of the Producers' Show this year. There are lots of little problems with the animation which I can see, but I'm overall pleased enough.
Something went terribly wrong with the camera while I was shooting, and when I went to import all of my high-resolution files into Aftereffects, they were all black from the top to half-way down--in short, completely useless. It turns out that something is wrong with the camera's shutter. So I just grabbed the low-res preview images from Dragon and used those, which is why this looks rather low-res.

Additionally, one of the lights I used to light the greenscreen was broken and so kept flickering. It made a nasty sound, too! It was odd. I will let the film cage know about the issue with the light and the camera on Monday.

Also, here's my second-year stop-motion only reel:


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