Sunday, October 23, 2011


Please help me! Can you please rip me a new one and critique the ever-loving loo out of these? Especially the bird? Pleeease? I need to start machining the parts for both of these puppets this week (because my film is entirely stop-motion now what). Context: the bird starts out the film completely naked, and gains feathers as the film goes along by stealing colors from stuff. The bird is as tall as the girl’s boot (not practically, though, because that would be impossible, but for scale).


  1. The girl seems to be a pretty solid template. It really depends on how her personality is. right now, she reads like an athletic portal type person or character from a game. You can add a lot of graphics (lines, arrows, math formulas) to her cloths if she were from like a mainstream game. Also, what kind of fabric styling are you going to use? Is it old steampunky clothes, or, something clean cut and slick?

    Drawing wise you might be able to exaggerate the hands and feet a bit, they're good but I they can communicate something a little stronger.

    With your chicken, it also depends on the context of your story. He could be bloated, or, be starved to the bone. The drawing afterwards could be a bit more interesting. Right now, he feels like a normal chicken, but visually I don't notice that he's missing feathers or in need of it. Maybe he needs lot of dots that suggest feathers should be placed there. If your focal point is the body for the bird, there should be enough contrast around there to makes your eyes stick to it first. Unless, it's the face. Give these ideas some thought :P