Monday, July 28, 2014

In the Spirit

So, my a few of my friends and I just started playing a role playing campaign in a game called "Spirit of the Century". My character is a scientist named Neils Hirschberg, who worked as a wartime weapons researcher during WWI. Each character has five aspects, and Neils' are: "Ruthless Disregard for Human Life", "Admirably Smug Stubbornness", "Quick at Devising Ideas of Dubious Quality", "Better than the Establishment" and "Explosions are Useful!" If it wasn't obvious, he's irritatingly arrogant and only barely competent as a result of impatience mixed with recklessness.

While at University, he constantly sparred with his advisor over whether his proposed projects were safe or even useful. Usually, he ignored whatever advice said advisor gave, eventually resulting in a super dumb accident which injured him, and killed the advisor. He fled.

As a weapons researcher, he pushed risky ideas into production far too quickly and was eventually put on probation. He was bitter, naturally, because he felt the lab lacked "vision". So, when Libby [one of my fellow players with a penchant for vandalizing government property] busted into the lab, he remorselessly aided her in sabotaging it before bailing the wonderful world of actually having some kind of steady job in favor of something less "restricting".

He's a terrible person, and an even worse friend, but he and Libby have an understanding of sorts. They go to fancy parties where she pretends to be his fiancĂ©e and steals stuff while he tries to recruit benefactors to fund his bizarre projects. 

Our actual campaign starts at one of these parties. I've having soooooo much fun. Neils is just the perfect character to play because I get to act like a condescending asshole and actually get rewarded for it, since it's in character :D 

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what Niels would look like, for a character sheet, and I don't really like any of these so far. He's probably in his late 20s/early 30s when the story starts... (Really, I just needed an excuse to post ANYTHING, so here you go!)

Libby and Niels


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